Boscobel & Partners

We are an independent strategic communications firm, providing clients with bespoke financial PR & public affairs advice.


Founded in 2015, Boscobel & Partners is an independent, strategic communications firm based in London.

Our name is based on the oak tree that Charles II was hidden in by his supporter, William Careless and it epitomises our values of integrity, loyalty and reliability to our clients.

We believe our ethos is distinctive. We believe in responsible capitalism. In today’s fast-moving social and digital age, durable businesses have both a commercial and social purpose. All organisations must have a bespoke communications strategy and the agility to articulate their purpose to multiple audiences including capital markets, regulators, politicians and society.

What we do

We advise clients to take a holistic approach to their communications, helping them to navigate the financial, political and media landscapes.

We share our experience and help clients to develop a strategy, based on tailored positioning and narrative, premium content and targeted, precise messaging through the right channels.

Above all we add the most value by acting as a discreet, honest, external viewpoint, a sounding board, a supportive friend and strategic adviser.

We constantly horizon-scan, looking for risks and opportunities.

Complex situations

The Boscobel team has particular experience of working alongside senior people in complex situations, including M&A, capital raises, successions, restructurings, political campaigns and regulatory inquiries.


Our experience covers a range of complex situations and sectors, with a focus on financial institutions, infrastructure and education:

Asset Management
Investment Trusts
Natural resources

The Team

Boscobel is home to an experienced, creative and growing team.

George Trefgarne

George Trefgarne

Founder and CEO

Charlotte Walsh

Charlotte Walsh


Tessa McHugh

Tessa McHugh

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Amy Leonard

Amy Leonard

Senior Adviser

Sebastian Giraud

Sebastian Giraud

Strategic & Digital Communications Specialist

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30 December 2020

A stunning diplomatic achievement

The EU and UK agreement could ignite a dramatic economic recovery, as long as we rediscover timeless and useful principles As somebody who always refused to accept the false “No Deal v 2nd Referendum” narrative which somehow took hold in the last four years, I am personally delighted by the new Trade and Co-Operation Agreement […]

22 September 2020

We all fall down, then get up again

Helpful lessons from the plague of 1665. Sometimes history can take us out of ourselves and put the present in perspective. It is hard not to be very worried about where Britain is headed as a country after arguably 20 years of catastrophic mistakes by a succession of administrations, including this one led by Boris […]

13 May 2020

Common sense is back in fashion

Common sense. Suddenly, there is apparently a lot of it about. People should, “use their common sense,” suggests the Prime Minister, before publishing 50 pages of rules and advice on easing the lockdown which sometimes lack that quality, especially in relation to schools and travel. Perhaps Boris Johnson is simply reflecting back at the public […]


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+44 (0) 203 642 1310

Orion House
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London, WC2H 9EA

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